Weekly Welcome - June 22

Pachamama Alliance • 21 June 2020

Weekly Welcome

You can find upcoming opportunities and new members below. Feel free to share any thoughts you have in the comments.

Coming Up: Join Pachamama Alliance Managing Director Mario Trigueros and Board Member Rev. Deborah Johnson, Nisha Anand, Dream Corp CEO, and Jaron Browne, Organizing Director at Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, for a panel discussion about Black Lives Matter Panel: Implications for a Connected Future on June 22.

New Members: Welcome to the following members who joined the Global Commons in the past week and included their name with their profile.

  • Jessica Perry
  • Janice Hawkins
  • Sally Dew
  • Zeratha Young - Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Rhonnda Neumann
  • Sophia Escalona
  • Anne Auburn - Monterey, California, United States
  • Christina Urso-Cale
  • Brenda Sanders
  • Alyssa Crespo
  • Lydie Berthet
  • Alaina Tobin
  • Jaya Thawani - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Debbie Lush
  • Irma Magadan
  • Jacqueline Landreth
  • Maja Jeremic - United States
  • Susan Eckert - New Zealand
  • Ina Trayanouskaya
  • Kay
  • Susan Moran - Boulder, Colorado, United States
  • Marianne Martinez Riekes - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Hallie Gardner
  • Lisa
  • Alyssa Perez
  • Wendy Strews
  • Mia Kohn - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Rose Anne Mitchell
  • Ivanna Morales
  • Haunani Hess - Pearl City, Hawaii, United States
  • Bastien Exertier - Aix les Bains, France
  • Ahasan Uddin Bhuiyan
  • Malcolm Clarke - United Kingdom
  • Nora Lee - United States
  • Zoe LaBow - United States
  • Markus Ascher - Kramsach, Austria
  • Esther An
  • Deborah Hirsch - Livingston, Texas, United States
  • Jodine Buydens
  • Lizzie Audran
  • Josh Klaus - United States
  • Jason Bloom
  • Devan Agrawal
  • Charlotte
  • Alejandra Hernandez
  • Nev Hyde - Wirrabara, South Australia, Australia

Please welcome these new members to the community! You can post on their profile, or use the @mention feature to leave a comment for them in this discussion.

And if you haven't yet, add your name and hometown to your profile to be able to easily connect with other members through the Member Map.

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