Rights of Nature: Expressing Interconnectedness in Law

Pachamama Alliance

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Rights of Nature

Join Pachamama Alliance Co-founders Lynne and Bill Twist for this Resilience and Possibility Conversation with international Rights of Nature experts and advocates Natalia Green, Co-founder of Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, and Thomas Linzey, Senior Legal Counsel for the Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights.

Rights of Nature is the recognition and honoring that nature has the right to exist, flourish, and thrive. Legal systems have traditionally treated nature as property, which grants property owners the right to destroy natural systems, but new precedents are being established around the world that create Rights of Nature and allows for their legal protection. Come hear this conversation about this critical legal paradigm that reflects the interconnectedness of life, Pachamama Alliance’s role in the international movement for Rights of Nature, and opportunities for you to get involved.

About the Speakers

Thomas LinzeyThomas Linzey serves as Senior Legal Counsel for the Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights. He Co-founded the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, and authored On Community Civil Disobedience in the Name of Sustainability.



Natalia GreeneNatalia Greene is a Co-founder and Executive Committee member of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and Secretariat of the International Rights of Nature Tribunal, and assisted in the adoption of the Rights of Nature statute in Ecuador’s constitution.