Pachamama Alliance Global Commons

Pachamama Alliance • 29 September 2017

Pachamama Alliance Global Commons

Pachamama Alliance Global Commons has been selected as the name for this online community. Founding Members suggested a range of ideas, and shared reflections on Global Commons, which represents multiple ideals that align with the purpose of this community.

The word commons refers to a shared space that everybody can use, everybody cares for, and everybody contributes to maintaining—a space that exists for the shared benefit of all involved. This community is intended to be a co-creation of all of its members, who share in the processes to make it thrive.

The global scale of this community makes Global Commons an apt description. In addition, global commons refers to natural systems - such as the oceans, the atmosphere, and the rainforest - that are shared by all life and are not in the domain of any single country. The connection Pachamama Alliance has to the Amazon rainforest adds a layer of significance to the name in this regard.

As you engage in the online community, see how these principles serve your experience. These Global Commons offer a space that everyone can use for bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet, and it will depend on everyone's contributions to serve at its highest levels.