A Prayer for the Earth with Manari Ushigua

Pachamama Alliance

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This call is part of Resilience and Possibility in These Times, a series of online offerings to support us all in staying connected to one another, to a vision for the future, and to the spirit of life in these challenging times.

In anticipation of Earth Day, join healer and Sápara leader Manari Ushigua in A Prayer for the Earth with the global Pachamama Alliance community. Take a moment to be with Manari, who will share about the relationship humans have with Earth according to the Sápara tradition, offering us all an opportunity to re-examine our own relationships with the rhythms of nature as the world begins to see the possibility of life after a pandemic.

This event will include live English translation of Manari’s teachings, followed by opportunities to connect in breakout groups to reflect on your own relationship with the extraordinary planet upon which we all live.

About the Speaker

Manari Ushigua is a healer, wisdom keeper, and leader of the Sápara people of the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. He travels internationally speaking out for the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and the people who call it home.