Pachamama Alliance Introduction to Drawdown

donna luckey
Event date 27 Jan '18 13:00 - 15:00
Event location Pleasant Hill Cohousing • 2200 Lisa Lane, Pleasant Hill, 94523, CA, United States

NOTE: The date of this event has changed to January 27.

Join us and some friends for an informal introduction event as we come together to share the latest research and plan to actually reverse global warming. Project Drawdown is a scientifically based, comprehensive plan of the top 80 solutions to reverse global warming by 2050. The book sets out the solutions, the math and the economics of how we can actually do this in an inspirational and accessible way. It’s amazing!

Our event will include an introduction to Project Drawdown and the Pachamama Alliance, an opportunity to reflect on how we’ve been relating to global warming, information and 2 video clips of Paul Hawken introducing and explaining the Project Drawdown plan, and a group discussion on what we as a group or individuals may want to engage.

Participants will be invited to sign up for the follow-on 5-session Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Course for those who are ready to get to work on reversing Global Warming.

Come early for some time to get acquainted (12:45?)! and, go to the Pleasant Hill Cohousing website for information on how to find us: