Move to Amend Barnstorming Event with George Friday!

Jessica Munger
in group Move to Amend

Challenging Corporate Rule and Creating Democracy

The influence of money in elections and corporations are decimating education, health care, elections, the economy, the justice system, the environment and the right of We the People to decide. And it will worsen until we build an authentic, diverse, democracy movement that works to end corporate constitutional rights and the doctrine that money is equal to free speech. but which also includes changing laws and rules that have historically oppressed people and communities.

Join us with Move to Amend National Leadership Team member George Friday to learn more about the history of corporate power and the movement to end corporate constitutional rights, get money out of politics and create real democracy.

This event is free and open to the public. Move to Amend finances these tours through the generous donations of event attendees. Join us!

Hosted by Move to Amend.

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