New Features: Private Messaging and Embedding Media

There are now two powerful new ways to communicate with other members in the Global Commons.

Private Messaging

You can now communicate with another member or group of members in a private conversation as part of the online community. You can access private messaging by clicking the envelope icon in the main navigation bar:

Private Messaging

When you receive a private message, you will receive a notification about it by email and as an addition to the envelop icon: an orange circle with a number representing the number of unread messages.

Private Messaging Notification

To read or create a private message, click the envelope icon. You will see any ongoing conversations you are involved in, and can click the green New Message button to start a new one. Find the other members you want to communicate with, and share your message!

Embedding Media

You can now easily share YouTube videos, Tweets, and Facebook posts within the Global Commons. Simply enter the web address into a Post, Comment, or Reply, and be sure to include the http:// or https://!


Click the green button to display the content.

Facebook post

To embed this type of content within a Topic, Event, Group, or Profile description, use the URL button at the far right of the Description toolbar and then enter the web address in the box that appears.

URL button