We are really really excited about our decision to pilot the Drawdown Course that has been evolving in some of our Pachamama Communities over the last 3 or 4 months.  We will keep you all here in the Commons posted on how it goes. 

Some pretty amazing and committed activists and academics have taken a lot of interest in this Project and visualize it being taught in universities and undergraduate courses on sustainability. So we have a core group of us that are committed to this and since we are all, well at least 65, we may call ourselves a council of elders. We may even get it into conversations with our City Planners .  

We are inviting people in SWFL to a 5 week course on Drawdown.  It will begin with an evening we are hosting on the first Thursday in February. Feb 1, 2018

We are excited about this revolutionary/amazing new way of engaging with climate change-global warming - Project Drawdown. We cannot afford to say it’s too late.  There are steps we can and will take to be a part of the Solution.

This is the time to lift each other up with a globally conscious community and support each other to be leaders in all the fronts that need to change. We want to help each person become even more  educated and nurtured as evolutionary activists so that you feel more focused with the movements or actions that you are called to be a part of. 

Join, Pachamama Alliance of SWFL  Co-coordinators Holley Rauen and Gary Robbins for an evening designed to share the latest research and plan to actually reverse global warming. Project Drawdown is a scientifically based, comprehensive plan of the top 80 solutions to reverse global warming by 2050. The book sets out the solutions, the math and the economics of how we can actually do this in an inspirational and accessible way. It’s amazing!

The evening will start at 6:30 pm with potluck desserts, hot cider and teas, and will include video clips of Paul Hawken introducing and explaining the Project Drawdown plan, and a group discussion on what we as group or individuals may want to engage with. 

We hope many of the attendees will also sign up to be a part of 4 session Drawdown course...I names it Diving into Drawdown.  Going out on a limb, that's for sure!

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