Pursuing Drawdown in Community

Josh Wolf • 9 February 2018
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Pursuing Drawdown in Community

On February 7, 2018, members of the Golden Gate Community came together to explore pursing Drawdown in community. Based on Project Drawdown, which modeled the top 100 solutions for reversing global warming and found that it can be achieved by 2050 with existing technologies, this event explored the communication and collaboration skills needed to contribute to reversing global warming on a local level.

The ideas below were generated during a deep listening brainstorm, and are offered here as an opportunity to expand on the conversation. The event also included a Co-Active Leadership exercise to explore a multi-dimensional leadership model that offers access to new modes of collaboration.

What is needed locally to reverse global warming?

  • More and safer bike lanes
  • We got to get the word out
  • Host Awakening the Dreamer symposiums to hit the target of 100.000 people locally.
  • Need a social movement and tie drawdown in. Pachamama alliance be part of this larger movement
  • Get into politics, run for office & lobby
  • Changing hearts and change people’s believes that we can accomplish this.
  • Start with inspiring and educating kids
  • Inspire others to make changes

What is getting in your way of acting on global warming?

  • Laziness and Bad habits
  • I feel that I cannot create change
  • Distractions and time flies
  • Deep inside I feel hopeless
  • Fear that what I bring will not be received well
  • Stuck in our mundane realities
  • I want top be as effective as I can be – (Am I doing the wrong thing?)
  • Discouragement
  • I am not around like-minded people enough
  • Kind of lonely in this
  • Sense of community is lacking

How do we turn all of these into positives?

  • Energized and good habits. We utilize our time well
  • Creative instrument of change
  • Partner with others
  • Stay focused & prioritize
  • Do less
  • Trust
  • Start or join a group
  • Gratitude practice
  • Stuck in the best possible world
  • Encouragement
  • Look at how to do the right thing
  • Be courageous
  • Preach to the choir


What questions or reflections do you have on these ideas?

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