Hello Community!

We had a very inspiring and hope charged session at the aptly named Metro Diner on the Upper West Side of Manhattan yesterday. In attendance: Keith Voos, Jane Harris, Elly Lessin, Ellen Rich, Liz Neves. 

Here is a broad re-cap of the meeting. 

  • Keith opened up our meeting with background about the NY/NJ Metro group, a quick history of the Pachamama Alliance in general and some history of the local community and how he entered the fold. The local group is a tight-knit community of about 9 core members. This seems to be a time of expansion and transformation for the group as new members are  expressing interest in joining.
  • Jane asked about intentions of the group (please correct me if I'm wrong here, I recall you posed a question, perhaps it was deeper than that!)
  • Ellen asked about documentation processes, are intentions of the group written somewhere? What is the structure? (please feel free to clarify/edit in the comments below, Ellen!)
  • Elly spoke about the Global Leadership Summit happening at the end of May and about the work she is doing with Barbara Marx Hubbard. We either devolve or evolve as a species. And we are at the tipping point.
  • Ellen reflected this comment with her own knowledge of indigenous wisdom from the Mayan tradition, the culture will separate into those "going down" and those being "elevated." Ellen is working with Malcolm Gladwell in a masterclass on writing.
  • Keith chimed in about the June 13th meeting with Rogér and Josh, which will be a sort of launching off point for this community in an updated/clarified direction.
  • Liz emphasized the point that communication between group members could be improved if we were all on the Global Commons and well versed in the way it works. 

Keith asked us what skills/gifts we could bring to the group:

  • Ellen: technical skills, planning, creating systems, tying the vision to tactical implementation
  • Jane: the gift economy, bringing more people in
  • Liz: helping get people up to speed on the Global Commons, pollinating with like-minded individuals, spreading the word, growing the group
  • Elly: honoring wisdom keepers/core members who "created something out of nothing"; she makes things happen (producer); brings encouragement, energy, enthusiasm; our cheerleader, a "possibilitarian", commitment to the mission & vision of the Pachamama Alliance; expressed needs: help with technical skills to support her many projects
  • Keith: network of 4 organizations in which he is deeply involved including NAACP Environmental Justice Chair, Green Interfaith (GreenFaith), Quaker Meeting

Everyone left feeling uplifted by the possibilities for our community.