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Notify Other Members

Pachamama Alliance • 2 September 2017

How do I notify a member when I write about them?

It can be helpful to let someone know when you mention them in a discussion. You can send another community member a notification about your activity using the @mention feature.

Follow these steps to use @mention:

1. Type the @ symbol (shift 2 on a keyboard) in a Comment, Post, or Reply, and then start typing the name of the person you want to notify to see a list of community members.

@mention dropdown

2. Click the member you want to notify.

3. Repeat as necessary to include multiple people.

4. Complete your message.

@mention full text

5. Submit your activity and the member(s) you @mention will appear in bold and will receive a notification.

@mention final


Go ahead and practice by @mentioning Josh Wolf in the comments below!