Pachamama Alliance Pilots Drawdown Solutions: Getting into Action Workshop Series

Pachamama Alliance • 23 November 2017

Pachamama Alliance Pilots New Drawdown Solutions: Getting into Action Workshop Series

35 people came together in the Pachamama Alliance office on the evening of November 21 to pilot a new five-session workshop series based on Paul Hawken’s Project Drawdown and its 100 solutions for reversing global warming.

Tracy Apple, the Pachamama Alliance Director of Educational Content, spoke about the Drawdown Initiative pilot program at the Annual Luncheon earlier in November.

Drawdown Offers a Message of Hope Around Global Warming

Drawdown is defined as the point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere peaks and begins to decline year after year. In pursuit of that goal, Paul Hawken and a coalition of over 200 contributors from 22 countries set out to identify, measure, and model the 100 most impactful technological, ecological, and behavioral solutions to global warming, and recently published a book with their findings.

By engaging with these practical solutions in the context of reversing global warming, participants in the Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Initiative programs experience a new sense possibility for themselves in reversing global warming, and in protecting the planet for all children, of all species, for all time.

Getting Involved

You don’t have to be in San Francisco to participate in this pilot program! You can join the Drawdown Group and host a two hour Reversing Global Warming: Introduction to Drawdown experience, which has already been delivered in four countries in its four months of existence.

And you can bring people together to experience the five-session workshop series as well. Sue Staropoli and the Rochester Pachamama Community, and Jon Love and Satya Robinson in Caledon, Ontario, began piloting it even before the Pachamama Alliance staff.

Like many others, when I used to hear the words “global warming” I felt overwhelmed, with a sense of hopelessness, believing that it’s already too late to do anything about it. It has been such a joy to share the Drawdown message of hope with others – watching people move from despair and helplessness to a sense of hope and possibilities! There is a special energy when people know they’re not alone in facing our climate crisis, and I feel privileged to be part of helping make this new Drawdown movement happen. - Sue Staropoli


Feel free to share any questions or reflections you have about Project Drawdown or the Pachamama Alliance pilot program in the comments below, or let us know you're interested in being part of the pilot!

Note: this post has been updated to include the current names of the Drawdown Initiative workshops

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