Mark McCaffrey

Greetings from Hungary--
I'm new to the Pachamama community and by way of introduction here's a brief bio sketch: born in Boulder, Colorado USA, a water enthusiast since I was a child, I've been immersed in sustainable practices and education for several decades, especially around climate, energy and low-impact lifestyles. After working in academic and NGOs for years in USA, I now live in central Europe where I have an appointment with the Institute for Sustainable Development Studies. I'm doing some interesting research on scaling of climate solutions using a "powers of 10" framework and data from Project Drawdown, and two years ago I started a community called ECOS, which stands for education, communication and outreach stakeholders, which is recognized by the UNFCCC but lacks support to get off the ground. Here's the placeholder group page we've started, and if any of you have time or interest to help ECOS get off the ground, please let me know:

Also, here's a few essays I written that might be of interest: