In a recent dream, it became vividly clear to me that our efforts to reverse global warming can only succeed if our actions come from love, not fear -- if we preserve forests not from fear of losing the lumber or the oxygen, but for pure love of forests as ourselves.  I understand this to be Charles Eisenstein's  message in his book "Climate, A new Story".  The dream told me that this message must penetrate to the core of our souls, and must underpin our social consciousness.

I've held the word "love" as cluttered and unwieldy to the point of uselessness.  Hollywood and Madison Avenue have shackled the word, and the deeper meanings, to their profit. We have a single encumbered word to express a wide range of emotions that because of vagueness, can include neediness and hypocrisy

I'm intending to enhance my ability to embody and project love in ways more precisely considered by the ancient Greeks.  This article < link on the Greek forms of love, and my studies of Zen and Tibetan traditions, guide my practice.