CommUnity. [~161] from the Rochester Pachamama community shared this message and I wanted to post it here. It was in response to a comment I made on his post which I thought was in great alignment with the growth of the Golden Gate Community. Here is a link to their post:

"Hi Friends in the Golden Gate Pachamama Alliance!

When our first Drawdown convener, Sue Staropoli, was facilitating our first Drawdown course, she realized that her calling was not to pursue one particular climate solution, but to spread the word about Drawdown as widely as she could. So she invented a new solution, “Drawdown Ambassador.” As she helped convene other Drawdown courses, she mentioned that as an option, and gradually assembled a group of about 20 people who see that as their calling. The group has met twice now, and through those meetings and e-mail exchanges in between, developed and approved the document you see here. It was initially drafted and artfully designed by one of the Ambassadors. Not all Drawdown Ambassadors want to present Intros to Drawdown or convene courses. One is spreading the word about Drawdown to other home school parents, some are taking it to their faith communities or workplaces, library, etc. Others table at larger events. One person has a background in advertising, and is helping create a logo that we can put on buttons, bumperstickers, t-shirts, etc. Doing these things is helping build a collective group energy among people who didn’t know each other before.

I hope this helps! And best of luck following your own passion, creativity and vision!"