Patriciafaye Marshall

Since DRAWDOWN was published it's been my source of inspiration and information. I've been involved with the folks who founded The Pachamama Alliance since 1981. I'm a trained facilitator for the "Awakening the Dreamer- Changing the Dream Symposium since 2010. The Community Rights Movement made its way to McMinnville in 2012. I helped create the Yamhill County Chapter which morphed into Zero Waste McMinnville in 2014. The Community Rights folks worked with Pachamama Alliance Foundation in Ecuador as that country re-wrote its constitution to include The Rights of Nature
I've been aware of Charles Eisenstein and his work for a few years but only this week started to read CLIMATE, A NEW STORY. There's several You Tube Videos of him talking about it. I urge you to watch them! This is now my deepest resonance! BEING ONE WITH NATURE!
Since the last Climate March in SF Indigenous People have been protesting Cap and Trade- (Google Search). The term "Commodifying Nature" is being used.
I'm not suggesting we abandon the "solutions"! But as Charles points out, if we reduce carbon emissions even beyond our goals and continue in dominance and control of Nature we will have created a planet not exactly supportive of life as we know it. Please listen to what he's saying! My sense is that he's offering a context of BEING ONE WITH EARTH. A context that holds all the solutions, only instead of our human presence as a dominating and controlling force, we re-member ourselves as BEING ONE WITH. That shift affects everything! BEING ONE WITH we begin to ask "What does the land need?" "What do the rivers need?" "What do the ecosystems need?" And we LISTEN. We OBSERVE. We Recover our Connection to Nature. We've believed that we are separate and that belief has created this. So the shift is from control to Participation with the land, the rivers, the oceans, the forests, the mountains. What do they need from us?