Calling all Superhero Enthusiasts! We need your help brainstorming creative names or activities for our Drawdown Superhero lesson aimed at grades K-2. This lesson is based on the fabulous presentation June Hament and Marty Levin created (whose input we welcome!).

I made a link for the Superhero Curriculum table where we are fleshing out the various "Environmental Superhero" options kids can pledge to be. Each Superhero deals with a one (or two) Drawdown solutions.…

The deadline for suggestions is this coming Thursday, August 15th. On Friday, August 16th we will start finalizing our K-2 lesson plan.

We invite anyone who is interested to help us brainstorm Superhero names and the actions they could take. Brandon L , Daniel Poynter , Sue Blythe and Judith Hemphill , you four have had good ideas in the past. We welcome any input you might have!