Hi there - I am just learning about this group, but I am very grateful to find it. I have an Enrichment Program I've laid out based on Drawdown (it grew out of assignments I completed while getting my Master's of Science in Education last year). This would be an Enrichment Class for middle or high school students. I am interested in getting this information out there to whomever might be able to use. The curriculum still needs work and development.

Specifically, there are only four completed lesson plans, though the course is envisioned as Year-Long Course with 18 Lesson Plans - meeting once per week. The enrichment course is designed for high ability, motivated students who can work autonomously. The rational and underlying theory for the course are all developed. There is also a need to get speakers for the course. Teachers also need to identify three "case studies" in your region that highlight three of Drawdown solutions - it is envisioned that field trips would be taken to these sights or programs.

Are there educators who are interested in this work? Please contact me if so: lisalkrausz@comcast.net. I live in Howard County, Maryland, and I would also be interested in working with people to try to get this info into the public/private schools. Please share your thoughts. Thanks!