Hello NY/NJ Pacha Community. Sandi Goldie and I are here in NYC from the Southern Oregon PA and Vancouver BC PA groups. While we are visiting our daughter here she asked us to do some workshops. She put it out on FaceBook and EventBrite that we are doing an Intro to Drawdown Thursday evening 6:45 to 9:15 and an Awakening the Dreamer Saturday afternoon 2:00 to 5:30. Both events will be at Evolve Health Plus Wellness 36 Rivington St. NY (Manhattan). Feel free to put these events out to anyone you know and to join us if you are able. We would love to connect anyone who comes to these workshops with your community. The Eventbrite URL for ATD is https://awakeningthedreamer.eventbrite.com. The Eventbrite URL for the Drawdown Intro is https://introtodrawdown.eventbrite.com.

To contact us while we are in NY this week please call or text to 206-697-9701. We'd also love to meet up with any of for coffee today (Monday) or Thursday or Friday.

Jim Bronson and Sandi Goldie