Hi friends, as part of our work in the domain of Drawdown Learn for Children, June Hament and I have been developing a program on the Amazon Rain forest for elementary school age children (K-6). This 30-40 minute program was to have been delivered next week to the children who participate in the Invention Convention in Cinnaminson, NJ prior to the closing of the schools due to the corona virus epidemic. Since this program is still under development, we’d love to hear from those of you who are familiar with this topic and would like to share resources. Thank you.

In past years we have offered programs with these topics:
2019 - You can be an Environmental Super Hero
2018 - Put Plastic in its Place
2017 - Our neighbors, the Whales
2016 - Healthy Eating, Good for You, Good for the Planet
2015 - Our Planet, Our Home

Each of these programs included short videos, conversations with the children (usually 10-16 from each grade group plus 2-3 adult chaperones) and a specific “ask” for the children as follow up to our time together.

If you’re interested in one or more of these programs, please contact me directly or post in this topic. Thanks, Marty Levin