Angelo John Lewis

Jim Hickman, who’ll facilitate Saturday’s Hack the Brain! Applied Neuroscience and Spiritual Practice Online Community Exploration, is a man with quite a history.

> His first mediation teacher was Michael Murphy, the co-founder of the Esalen Institute

> He and Murphy were two of the principal founders of the Citizen Diplomacy movement during the heart of the Cold War. He helped create a series of scientific and cultural exchanges between the US and the Soviet Union

> Jim was an assistant to Stanley Krippner, pioneer researcher into the study of consciousness. Jim worked at the Maimonides Hospital Dream Laboratory with Stan. With Stan’s encouragement, Jim began working in the area of Kirlian photography and managed to capture some uncanny images with the Israel psychic, Uri Geller.

> Jim and his lifelong colleague, Jim Garrison, transformed the Matthew Fox-founded Wisdom University into Ubiquity University, an accredited global university designed for social impact.

At Ubiquity University, Jim teaches the popular Applied Neuroscience course, which provides students foundational practices for use in developing enhanced cognitive, emotional and spiritual skills

This Saturday, Jim will lead an exploration of how a Neuroscience-informed spiritual practice can help us deal with the unpredictable challenges that accompany increasing hyper-complexity in the 21st century.

The Sacred Inclusion Network is excited to host Jim’s inaugural practicum on this subject, this Saturday from 11am-12:30 pm EST.

We invite you to join us.

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