Hi everyone, I just moved back to Asheville and look forward to connecting with this group! I grew up in the Raleigh area and went to UNCA about a decade ago before moving out to NM and CA for a few years each. Most of my work has been in the field of international education, but I've become more engaged in climate issues in the past few years inspired by the momentum of the movement and my own experiences witnessing the environmental and community destruction caused by extreme climate change and inequality.

I participated in a number of Pachamama Alliance events and workshops in San Francisco and appreciate their holistic approach to creating a more sustainable world. Last year I collaborated with one of their outreach team members along with the director at ClimateMama (based in NY) on a project as part of my graduate program focused on expanding participation of young families and working age adults in climate action.

I'm excited to be back in WNC and hope to get better acquainted with local climate orgs soon. Of course it's been tougher to meet people and connect with the state of the pandemic, but I look forward to hearing about any outdoor and/or virtual meetings happening in the near future!

Take care,