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Drawdown Initiative

Pachamama Alliance • 21 September 2017

About the Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Initiative

Welcome to the Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Initiative! These resources help prepare you to spread the revelatory news that global warming is reversible and build a community of people ready to tackle the 100 solutions. There are two workshops you can be trained and supported to lead in your community:

  • Reversing Global Warming: Introduction to Drawdown is a 2-hour program that can be easily learned and led and gets at the core message of this Initiative: for participants to see both the possibility of reversing global warming and that they have an important role to play in that process.

  • Drawdown Solutions: Getting Into Action is a 5-session workshop that lays the building blocks for a more sustained community effort to dive deeply into the solutions that concern them.

Find resources below to support your journey as a Drawdown Initiative workshop Convener

Introduction to Drawdown

All the materials and tips you need to plan, host and present an in-person 2-hour Reversing Global Warming: Introduction to Drawdown event.

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Drawdown Solutions Workshop

Learn about the 5-session Drawdown Solutions: Getting Into Action workshop and access the curriculum.

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Convener Trainings & Support

Find support in your role as a workshop Convener, including monthly training calls and avenues for connecting with other leaders

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