Reversing Global Warming in Ibero-America

Pachamama Alliance • 28 April 2019
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This guest News article was written by Juana Pereyra Iraola, an Awakening the Dreamer Facilitator and Drawdown Initiative Convener with Pachamama Iberoamérica.

I have been involved with Pachamama Alliance for a long time, since we offered the first Symposium in Spanish, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2008. I did most of the translations then. I later became a Facilitator and Facilitator Training Leader, and started traveling through South America with Tracy training the first Spanish speaking Facilitators. I met Erik Friend and other leaders and we started to see ourselves as part of a larger whole.

Over the years we formed a close group of trainers and called ourselves the Group of Ibero-American Leaders, which later became Pachamama Iberoamérica. We traveled together to the jungle and other communities, worked together, and built a strong group where we know, trust, and count on one another.

Then last year the call came from Pachamama Alliance to the Global Gathering in Petaluma, California. I knew about Paul Hawken but the Drawdown Initiative and its message of the possibility of reversing global warming was totally new to me. A few of us from Pachamama Iberoamérica attended the Gathering and we came out very impressed and moved to action.

Once back home the job of translating started again with enthusiasm. Translating the 100 Drawdown Solutions was a big job, but between Carolina Gomez and Jorge Monje from Colombia and myself, we did it!

In December 2018, I convened my first Drawdown Initiative presentation to the original Pachamama Alliance group in Buenos Aires. It was beautiful to be together again. Cristina Serrano, our guide from Ecuador was there too.

December Workshop

And in March 2019 I convened another presentation to a small group of very committed people. It was a strong experience for me, and I feel things will move forward. One of the young men called later to say he was in an important composting project and wanted to share with other people around the world. I think this is an ambitious and important issue, not just sharing experiences but experiencing being part of a critical mass.

March Workshop

Global warming is very present in awareness here, but few people know what to do so the Drawdown solutions are very important. I will continue to offer presentations where I find fertile land. And I told the people who participated to share the solutions and where they find people who are already doing good stuff to point to them that this is one of the 100 solutions we need to truly reverse global warming. To let them know we are all part of something real and big.

Note: You can access the Drawdown Initiative materials in Spanish and English to host your own workshops supporting people in seeing the real possibility of reversing global warming and finding the unique contribution they have to make.

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