Reversing Global Warming in Washington D.C.

Pachamama Alliance • 31 July 2019

Spreading the Message of Reversing Global Warming

Washington, D.C. is a focal point for many key global issues, and DC Metro Pachamama Alliance is making sure that reversing global warming is one of them. The Pachamama Alliance Community has hosted more than 20 Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Initiative events in the past year with more than 700 participants. This wave of activity started with a single Reversing Global Warming: Introduction to Drawdown workshop that led to more invitations to deliver the message.

Lore Rosenthal works part-time as a sign language interpreter with a federal agency in Washington, D.C., and catalyzed the local Drawdown Initiative activities as the Program Coordinator for Greenbelt Climate Action Network, a chapter. When she heard about the Drawdown Initiative, she realized that she already had everything she needed to get involved. “I’m a teacher and a presenter and I said ‘I can do this!’ I didn’t feel like I had to wait. I downloaded the material off the website and presented in my own community, where it felt safe to try something new.”

Small Groups

And the response was incredibly positive. Similar to what has happened in other areas, Lore kept winding up with more invitations to deliver the workshop.

“I ended up presenting three times in my home community because every time I would do it, there would be too many people for the room and I would have a waitlist, so I would do it again and that would create another waitlist.” Soon after that, participants started asking Lore if she could bring the workshop to their communities.

As the invitations kept coming from Maryland and Virginia, Lore began recruiting people to lead the workshops themselves. She sees her role as supporting groups in getting started to take on reversing global warming. "I’m not responsible for the 17 groups I’ve already helped get started, I’m responsible for starting the next 12.”

Bringing Hope and Action

For Lore, a powerful aspect of Drawdown is that it integrates hope and action. “It’s the most positive thing I could be working on right now. Obviously there’s the inspiration, giving people hope, but also the very specific action plans that people can come up with as they think about what kind of impact they can have.”

Three of the groups Lore helped launch have already engaged with the five-session Drawdown Solutions: Getting into Action workshop, with five more looking to start their own. As part of her own Getting into Action experience, Lore studied about Regenerative Agriculture, a Drawdown Solution that was new to her. In the end her action project was to continue being part of a community composting project, which addresses Drawdown Solution #60: Food Composting.

That action component is an important part of the Drawdown Initiative for Lore. “I want people to ratchet it up. We’re beyond education now, we’re into the action phase of our evolution as a civilization. The D.C. area is very legislatively oriented, however, Pachamama Alliance is not about passing laws, it’s about community and systemic change.”

As the message of reversing global warming continues to spread, DC Metro Pachamama Alliance is bringing that change to their community.

You can listen to a recent podcast interview with Lore recorded by Daniel Poynter to learn more about this work.

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