Revolutionary Love in a Time of Rage

Pachamama Alliance • 11 December 2018

Revolutionary Love in a Time of Rage

The midterm election in the United States illuminated just how radically divided the country has become, and how easy it is for people on all sides to resort to demonizing each other. How can we bring this country back together again? 

Activist Valarie Kaur, an American Sikh, has a vision: revolutionary love in a time of rage. It seems almost quaint to be talking of love in these times, but when you hear Valarie’s eloquent voice and perspective it is hard not to be moved. 

We invite you to watch the inspiring 6-minute talk below that Valarie gave last year. Or, if you have the time, you may want to watch instead her 20-minute TED Talk, an incredibly moving vision of the power of love.

How do you feel after hearing Valarie’s talk, and how you think we can implement revolutionary love in our lives as citizens?