Pachamama Alliance Rochester Area Community

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Pachamama Alliance Rochester Area Community


The Pachamama Alliance is an international organization whose mission is to help create a world that is socially just, environmentally sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling. It is rooted in the indigenous worldview that all life is connected. Hope, courage, and meaning grow as people work together to transform their relationship to the earth and to one another.


The Pachamama Alliance Rochester Area Community (PARA) is dedicated to working collaboratively, building a critical mass of committed global citizens, inspired, motivated, and empowered to develop awareness and resilience throughout the Rochester area. We deepen our hearts and minds in community gatherings, foster collaboration with other groups, and offer programs to address issues of climate change (Drawdown Initiative), social justice (racism, democracy, gender circles, and more), and empowering everyone to an engaged and purposeful life. 

We welcome you to bring your interests, passions, concerns, and talents to join us! 

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