Strike While the Planet's Hot

Pachamama Alliance • 27 September 2019

A Global Climate Strike, the largest the world has ever seen, swept across the planet last week. Led by youth activists, millions of people in over 150 countries came out to demand that world leaders face the impending threat of climate change and take decisive steps to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

This youth movement was galvanized in large part by sixteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunburg, who started protesting alone outside the Swedish parliament building in August of 2018 and has since gained recognition the world over for her impassioned and unapologetic stand for climate action. Her powerful address to the United Nations shortly after the strike embodies the courage, outrage, determination, and sense of personal accountability that will be necessary to confront the challenges ahead.

What is your sense of accountability related to climate change? How are you manifesting this accountability in your life?

Do you have any stories or reflections to share from the climate march?