The Great Change - Resurrection and Rebirth

Pachamamaromania • 15 May 2020

We live in crucial times that bring change and it depends on us which path we choose.

For me, change is returning to simplicity and conscious use of resources.


For example, I am much more organized when shopping, I am attentive to what and how much I buy (I choose only what is necessary). I use less water when I wash (I don't let a lot of water run when I take a shower, I don't let water run while I soap). For my little girl, I use her cousins' toys, because I rather reuse, not purchase new products.


I started recycling in 2007 (13 years ago), when I came in contact with the Pachamama Alliance in San Francisco. And now, since the Pandemic broke out, I've been even more careful with everything I use.

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