Trusting the Cycles of Life

Pachamama Alliance • 29 May 2019

In the short video below, Peruvian ceremonial leader and Pachamama Alliance friend Arkan Lushwala reminds us that the natural world is built upon cycles of creation, conservation, and renewal. According to many sages and wisdom keepers we are at the end of a cycle, in a time of renewal when things change rapidly, and ideas or ways of being that no longer serve are discarded to make space for new creation. 

While renewal holds the promise of the new creation to come, it can be challenging to navigate times of upheaval—like the times we are in now! Stories of extinction, destruction, and hate have become increasingly commonplace in the media, to the point that some people may develop a layer of callousness just to get through the day. 

Arkan reminds us to stay present and also stay sane, to step back and remember that there are larger rhythms at play. Staying grounded in this perspective is how we’ll be able to most effectively address the challenges we face.

How does Arkan’s message sit with you? What are some practices or teachings that help you stay grounded when things feel hopeless? Feel free to share links and ideas in the discussion below!