Way #1: Look in the Mirror!

Pachamama Alliance • 1 September 2018

30 days/30 ways

Way #1: Look in the Mirror!

Begin your 30 days/30 ways journey by looking in the mirror and seeing who looks back at you. Seriously! We’ll wait...


Consider that you are looking into the face of someone who deeply cares about what is going on in our world. Someone who understands that the situation facing the Earth and all species at this time is critical. In looking into your own eyes, allow your awareness to open up to the very real possibility that this person will play a role in the healing of our world. That you are at the right place, at just the right moment, with just the right gifts, resources, and motivation. Allow that possibility, with all that it means for you, to enter your consciousness and your heart.

Acknowledge yourself for being that person. Give yourself a virtual hug or smile of gratitude.

(This is based on an exercise created by Joanna Macy.)


Why Do This Way?

We know you want to make a difference—that’s why you’re here. This month is about discovering what you can do—and who you can be—to take effective action about global warming. At the heart of that is believing that it is possible to make a difference in this huge, gnarly topic.

We’ll provide you with some guidance and hopefully engaging suggestions, but the deep knowing has to come from you. And if it’s not there for you right now, hang in there! You can discover it along the way.


Engaging with This Way

The video below from the Pachamama Alliance Awakening the Dreamer program opens with a message from author and speaker Charles Eisenstein, who we’ll hear from again later this month. This excerpt offers a powerful perspective on the potential we each have to make a difference. Let’s continue to discover that potential together!

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