Way #11: Eat More Plants!

Pachamama Alliance • 11 September 2018

30 days/30 ways

Way #11: Eat More Plants!

Reflect on how much meat and/or dairy products are part of your diet.

Choose one day (minimum) this week, and experiment with cutting them out entirely that day. See how that is for you. If your diet is already light in meat and dairy, commit to eating only locally grown and/or organic food for the day.


Why Do This Way?

According to Project Drawdown, one-fifth of all global greenhouse gas emissions are a result of the meat and dairy industries (more than are emitted by all forms of transportation combined). That’s huge!

Replacing or reducing animal products in your diet with plants is a daily way you can live your commitment to playing a part in reversing global warming. 

Check out these resources to see  the impact the meat and dairy industry have on global carbon emissions and the environment:

Incidentally, in addition to contributing massively to carbon emissions, meat and dairy production also use vastly more water than plants: it takes approximately 2,400 gallons of water to produce just  one pound of beef (compared to 25 gallons for one pound of wheat)!

Removing animal products from your diet entirely may sound daunting, but notice that the solution here doesn’t say animal-free diet—it says plant-rich diet. So you can take small steps to replace the animal products in your diet with more plants, and when you choose to eat plant foods instead of meat or dairy, it is a win for the planet.


Engaging with This Way

Some say that making the transition to a plant-rich diet may be the most effective personal choice an individual can make to contribute to reversing global warming. 

To find out more about how to get started on a plant-rich diet:

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