Way #2: Reversing Global Warming: Is it Possible?

Pachamama Alliance • 2 September 2018

30 days/30 ways

Way #2: Reversing Global Warming: Is it Possible?

Explore the inspiring, game-changing research released by Paul Hawken and the Project Drawdown team demonstrating that all is not lost: working together, it is actually possible to reverse global warming!

Below you’ll find a video of Paul Hawken talking about Project Drawdown, and a link where you can dig into the 100 Drawdown Solutions that, together, can significantly draw down carbon from the atmosphere, making the difference in reversing global warming. 

Notice which ones particularly intrigue or excite you.


Why Do This Way?

Like many people, you may feel hopeless and resigned by the magnitude of the global warming crisis and wonder whether there is anything you or any of us can do to make a difference. 

The 100 Drawdown Solutions address many, many areas of our lives where we can have an impact on reversing global warming—from the energy we use to the food we eat and the cities we live in. What you find on this list might surprise you!


Engaging with This Way

Paul Hawken and the Project Drawdown team—an international coalition of more than 200 experts from over 20 countries—mapped, measured, and modeled the 100 most substantive, impactful Solutions for addressing global warming. Their conclusion is that it is possible to begin turning the situation around by 2050—using and ramping up already existing technologies!

Watch Paul Hawken presenting an overview of the Project Drawdown findings.

Then, spend some time exploring the top 100 Solutions on the Project Drawdown website. 

Which Drawdown Solutions have your name written on them?! How will you get involved?

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