Way #20: Stepping Way Back

Pachamama Alliance • 20 September 2018

30 days/30 ways

Way #20: Stepping Way Back

This life. This planet. Our place in the cosmos. The future.

Big, big topics.

Famed scientist Carl Sagan invites us to step back from the urgency of the here and now and recognize both our relatively small place in the cosmos, as well as the precious miracle that is our life-sustaining planet.

Stepping back that far, one’s perspective shifts. Graced with this cosmological perspective and in touch with the awe and preciousness of life, you may see your actions on this planet differently.

For today’s Way, write a heartfelt letter from your vantage point in 2018 to those who will inherit the world we leave behind. What would you want to say to future generations?


Why Do This Way?

As Carl Sagan states in the video, “The earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.” Considering life on Earth from the perspective of the universe, rather than the other way around, offers a new range of emotions and insights.

We humans have the privilege and responsibility of being the caretakers of this world at this unique and pivotal time: the only world in the entire universe we know that supports life. What an awe-some and humbling role to play. 

Inviting a bit of “awe” into your heart can have the effect of ennobling your commitments, softening the edges of your righteousness, and shifting your focus from short-term to long-term results. It can help!

Writing a letter from this perspective can help make this sense of awe  more present and more real for you, and re-reading it from time to  time can serve to remind you of your commitment and your love for this world.


Engaging with This Way

After letting in the images and message of Pale Blue Dot, allow yourself to contemplate how you are using your precious life on this precious planet. Then, write a letter from your vantage point in 2018 to those who will inherit the world we leave behind letting them know...your aspirations for the Earth...for yourself in helping to preserve the world for them…whatever comes to you as you think about your tiny but crucial role in the unfolding of life on our planet.

Note: If you send in your letter using the form below, we will send it back to you in the spring so you can continue to be reminded of your commitment.


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