Way #28: Practice Makes…?

Pachamama Alliance • 28 September 2018

30 days/30 ways

Way #28: Practice Makes…?

Many of the Ways to reverse Global Warming that you have been engaging with over the last 27 days could be made into an ongoing “Practice.” 

This means consciously repeating an action enough times so it becomes a part of your life that you can count on doing. Many of us would not start the day without brushing our teeth or brushing our hair, and many people now always bring their own cloth reusable bags to the store. And we do it almost without thinking. 

But we didn’t start out that way. Each of these behaviors was, at first, something we cared about and but had to think about. We had to remember to do them. We had to practice.

For this Way, look back over the last 27 Ways and find one that you are committed to make a regular part of your life. Commit to practice that action on a regular schedule (eg. daily, weekly, or every other day) for the month of October. Do it once today and then put it in your calendar so you will be reminded on the schedule of your choosing.


Why Do This Way?

Making a conscious change in the way you live is often not easy. It would be wonderful if a single moment of insight would shift our behavior for the rest of our lives. But embodying a new commitment often takes a kind of meticulous attention to actual doing. You move your muscles, turn around, and go back to the car to get your cloth bag when you find yourself heading into the store without it. 

Every time you remember to do the practice and then do it, you make a statement to yourself and to the world. In an embodied way you are saying loudly and clearly exactly what you are committed to. To paraphrase a bit of learning attributed to indigenous people of the Asaro tribe in Indonesia, “Commitment is just a rumor until it lives in the body.”


Engaging with This Way

For additional input on developing a practice:

Please share the practice you will be adopting for October in the comments below—and notice and be inspired by what your fellow 30/30’ers are committing to.

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