Way #5: March With the People!

Pachamama Alliance • 5 September 2018

30 days/30 ways

Way #5: March with the People!

Today’s Way is to pledge to join tens of thousands of people at the People’s Climate March for climate, jobs and justice this weekend. When you pledge, you’ll get information about marches and other actions happening near you and details about how to join your community on the streets for this momentous day.



Why Do This Way?

Marches play an important role in winning legal victories because they tell a story. They broadcast to our allies that they can count on us, that we stand in solidarity with them, and that despite any tactical differences, we have the same goal. They broadcast a unified voice to the broader world declaring that a new story is possible—demonstrating with our bodies and our numbers that this movement is gaining strength.


Engaging with This Way

You are not alone. As someone committed to creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on the planet, you are part of a vast movement of groups and individuals working toward a similar goal.

This particular People’s Climate March is focused not only on climate but also on jobs, and justice. With the world wracked by increasingly extreme weather events as well spiking inequality, preceding a major election in the U.S. and the Global Climate Summit in San Francisco, is a demand for leadership that is bold and visionary. It’s a chance to acknowledge the climate crisis and its myriad root causes; make a 100% commitment to a 100% clean energy economy; and protect—and advance—the rights of the those people most impacted by climate change, usually the poorest among us. Now is a time to stand up and acknowledge that humanity has a problem that must be addressed and that there are solutions that already exist that address the core causes of global warming.

Stand up and be counted!

This short, stirring video by GreenPeace reminds us of the power of the people.

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