Way #8: Be Bold, Speak Up!

Pachamama Alliance • 8 September 2018

30 days/30 ways

Way #8: Be Bold, Speak Up!

Be bold and actually have those scary conversations about global warming with the people in your life.


Why Do This Way?

Global warming (which some refer to as climate change) is one of the most critical issues on our planet. We’re all worried. And yet for many of us it is a confronting topic and we avoid bringing it up with our friends and family and colleagues for fear of…(you fill in the blank).

Participating in this Way has twofold benefits: 

  1. You get to experience yourself as someone who isn’t afraid to have important, tough conversations with the people you care about, given what’s at stake;
  2. You are spreading the word about the 100 Drawdown Solutions and creating the opportunity for others to get involved in reversing global warming. 



Engaging with This Way

Psychologist Per Espen Stoknes wrote a book titled What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming that examines five psychological barriers to climate action, and identifies five strategies for how to talk about global warming in a way that creates action and solutions.

Read through a summary of his findings in What Works in Communicating About Global Warming and put them into practice. Expect a big “Aahh! I get it now!” as you review his points and consider how you can use them in your conversations about reversing global warming (including those with yourself!).

Be bold: within the next 24 hours, have at least two conversations about reversing global warming. Extra credit if you talk to someone who has a different orientation to the topic than you!

What do you think about with regards to communicating about global warming? How did it go in practice?


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