Way #9: It's All Connected

Pachamama Alliance • 9 September 2018

30 days/30 ways

Way #9: It's All Connected

Take (or review) Awakening the Dreamer, an online course based on the proposition that we humans can shift the direction we are heading in, and can create a thriving, just, and sustainable future.

This two-hour, self-paced experience contains stirring videos and individual exercises, offering a compelling invitation into a new perspective on the world—one of hope and possibility despite the challenges currently facing us as humanity.

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Why Do This Way?

Without identifying the root causes of the environmental, spiritual, and social justice crises facing the Earth and humanity, the work to reverse global warming won’t go deep enough—no matter how brilliant the plan.

In western culture there is the illusion or belief that everyone and everything is separate—from one another other, and from the Earth. This unexamined assumption impacts everything we do and what we think. Awakening the Dreamer looks at the illusion of separation and the critical barrier that it presents in bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.


Engaging with This Way

This one-minute montage from Awakening the Dreamer will give you a taste; when your appetite is whetted, sign yourself up for the course itself.

Once you’ve viewed the Awakening the Dreamer online course, share what impacted you most with the rest of the community.

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