What Does It Take to Actually Make Change?

As Earth Day approaches, we each have an opportunity to examine and explore our commitment to a thriving, just and sustainable future. In the video below, indigenous ceremonial leader Arkan Lushwala speaks about how it is easy for humans to wish for change, but actually making change takes immense effort and dedication.

Each of us is being called upon at this time to make the effort, to choose a different way of living—one informed by, and in sync with, the natural world around us. This is true both on the personal level of making changes in one’s life, as well as on the global level of changing the destructive systems that threaten the health and wellbeing of life on Earth.

As Arkan says in the video, this not only benefits those alive now, but will protect the abundance and gifts of this world for many generations to come. Share how you're protecting the world for future generations in the comments below.

Where are you now putting your efforts to make change happen, either in your personal life or in the world? And where do you see more effort is needed to make change happen? Can you see yourself engaging in action there?