Where Can I Make a Difference?

Pachamama Alliance • 18 July 2019

In the movement to address global warming, opinions can differ on the best approach. Some say every little action counts and even small things like replacing light bulbs or turning down the faucet makes a difference. Others will say these small actions don’t do enough in the face of such an enormous challenge, and in fact the narrative that it’s up to individual choices is misleading and lets the real culprits off the hook (according to a recent study, just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions). 

As with so many things, the truth, likely, falls somewhere in the middle. 

This recent article published by Greenpeace looks at this question of where action needs to happen, and proposes a yes/and approach. Yes, let’s keep recycling, and at the same time let’s tell big brands to do away with wasteful packaging. Take a shorter shower, and also push for your town to use recycled water for irrigation. 

What are some personal choices you’re making as an individual to address global warming? And what are some higher-level actions you’re taking, or might take, to address global warming?


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