Where Else Would People Want to Be?

Pachamama Alliance • 18 April 2019

This guest News article was written by Lorraine Cook, an Awakening the Dreamer Facilitator, Drawdown Initiative Convener, and Core Team Member of the Southern Oregon Pachamama Alliance Community.


Where else would people want to be? That was the intention for the “Deeper Dive” event hosted by the Southern Oregon Pachamama Alliance Community on April 7, 2019. We wanted to create an environment of ALIVENESS so COMPELLING that people would simply ENJOY BEING TOGETHER plus we’d learn something about moving from ME to WE.

Welcome Sign

The back story is that three and a half years ago, we hosted a Community Building Day and out of that gathering, a strong Pachamama Alliance Core Team stepped forward to hold the purpose of bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence... in Southern Oregon. About a dozen members of that group have continued meeting twice a month ever since.

We’ve accomplished a lot in the last years—putting on dozens of Awakening the Dreamer events, recruiting for the Game Changer Intensive, gathering for quarterly seasonal ceremonies in our local park, and since 2018, adding Introductions to Drawdown, four-session Drawdown courses, and 1st Saturday of the month Drawdown Solution potlucks. In others words, we’ve been good at “doing,” but we wanted to focus this gathering on BEING.  We wanted to take a “deeper dive” into who we are and what we're up to as a community.

So we asked local resident and Co-Active Leadership Sage Henry Kimsey-House and Pachamama Alliance Community Specialist Jason Bayless (fondly dubbed “the Wizard and the Poet”) to give us a hand in putting together an event that would get hearts thumping and energy moving.

Henry and Jason
Henry Kimsey-House (left) and Jason Bayless (right)

We sang and danced,

Singing and Dancing

strummed and drummed,

Strumming and Drumming

journeyed with a guided meditation and shared our reflections with a partner,

Pair Share

stood up for what we want to contribute,

Taking a Stand

and circled in small groups asking the four directions to guide us in identifying shared imperatives.

Small Group 1


Small Group 2


Small Group 3


Small Group 4

It’s a gift to share some of the imperatives that showed up for us:

  • Appreciate “what is” including where people are right now, and create the conditions and encouragement that move forward a world that works for all beings.
  • BE people with hearts of courage, filled with positive regard.
  • BLOCK what needs to be blocked.
  • BUILD what needs to be built.
  • Celebrate our connection with the Earth and the natural world.
  • Create system changes that are heart-centered and filled with Earth wisdom.
  • Care for each other with balance and nurturing, honoring and engaging with generational and cultural differences.